Commercial Property

•    We know that your business is important to you. Please contact us to arrange insurance for your commercial premises and take advantage of all of these benefits.
•    Commercial Premises service 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, through just a simple phone call.
Plus all these benefits
•    We consider your insured goods at their value as new. In accordance with the terms of the policy, we provide compensation based on the cost of rebuilding as new. The contents are insured with "as new" value for their replacement.
•    The sum insured is updated annually, assuring that your insured sums are not out of date and that the adequate amount is compensated in the event of a claim.
•    Damage due to pollution risks.
•    Compensation of Sums Insured: If the insured value of buiding or content is too high, the excess can be distributed to the other cover, to avoid a shortfall.
•    Claims for damages on your behalf against the party causing the damage to the insured goods, in the event of risks or amounts not covered by the policy.
•    We offer the possibility of premium payment in installments.



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